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It’s a pleasure seeing you here, nothing is more smoother than being an Top Tier when you are flying or in the ground. Let’s take a look on the opportunities out there.

While I’m Alitalia Plat, I will try to renew my Skyteam Elite Plus with Suma, one of the newest FFP from Air Europa. Why? It only requires 26 flights or 32.000 status miles. More than doable. Now I’m still wondering If I fly long haul twice or take few trips within Europe or US.

Let’s find out how to?

From Europe

Getting Elite Plus for more or less 1.000 Euros is not a bad deal. All you have to do is buying 6 tickets with a connecting flight and 1 round trip with a direct service.

Here are few examples :

Status with SkyTeam

Status with SkyTeam

Status with SkyTeam

While it’s great to spend a lot less for a status, why not doing it in Business for a bit more than twice as much ?

SV is currently selling their Business Class to KUL and MNL. I prefer the latter to get more miles…

Status with SkyTeam

Flying to KUL will net you 17.700 miles with SUMA FFP.

On the other hand, flying to Manila will give you just above 20.000 miles with SUMA Halfway to Elite Plus if you do the trip twice.

Status with SkyTeam

How will I hit Gold in 2017 :

Since I have never taken Saudia, I may jump on the routes and fares shared if I have the time to do so. Try to fly with the latest 787 featuring cirrus seat in Business.

Elite Plus Can be achieved for as low as 1200€ with some trips (segments) or with 2 long hauls for around 2400€!

How about you guys, how do you plan on hitting Elite plus in 2017? Please share with us the routes and price paid to put into perspective.

Enjoy your flights !

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