Status with Star Alliance

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It’s a pleasure seeing you here, nothing is more smoother than being an Top Tier when you are flying or in the ground. Let’s take a look on the opportunities out there.

When it comes to Top tier you need to pick the right FFP, so many things to consider, earning rate, threshold, etc… Throughout this page, we’ll talk about Miles&Smiles from Turkish Airline, Eurobonus from SAS and Asiana Airline.

The easiest way to get Star Alliance Gold after Aegan changed their FFP is Miles&Smiles from Turkish Airline. 40.000 miles required within 12 consecutive months to qualify for Gold. The card is valid for 2 years. To renew your status, members residing out of Turkey need to collect 25.000 Status Miles either within the first year or 37.500 Status Miles within 2 years of the Elite membership.

Eurobonus isn’t bad either. 45.000 miles required, not a big deal.

For Asiana and if you happen to live in South Korea, Asiana is the cheapest as far as I know. Wanna know why ? Read on.

If you want to fly long haul it’s quite pricey, to hit Asiana Club Diamond (Star Gold), all you have to do is flying mainland. Asiana runs a discounted fare $70 R/T from Seoul to Yeosu. 25 round trips later and $1750 spent, you are Star Gold.

Status with Star Alliance

Asiana also offers Lifetime Star Gold for either 500.000 miles or 500 flights (250 round trips). If Asiana keeps the same fare basis, you can be Lifetime Gold for $17.500.

How will I hit Gold in 2017 :

Now since I’m already Gold with TK, I only need 25 000 miles to renew, I will fly from Madrid to Sydney with Air India for around 2000€ in business. If you are in Paris for example, it’s around 2300€ and you collect 31.500 miles with Turkish Airline or 42.000 miles with Eurobonus.

If you start from scratch, Eurobonus might be easier, since the remaining 3.000 miles can be achieved quite easily within Europe.

Gold Can be achieved for around 2500€.

How about you guys, how do you plan on hitting Star Gold in 2017? Please share with us the routes and price paid to put into perspective.

Enjoy your flights !

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