Joon (Air France new airline) to start this fall

20 July 2017

Joon (Air France new airline) to start this fall
Previously known as Boost, the new name JOON revealed today is poised to take off from this coming fall.

The sky will see a new name soon, JOON. When I tried to pronunce it in French you can hear "jeune" for young. It's smart given that JOON is targeting Millennials pax.

The goals for Air France are clear: 

- To compete with Ryannair, Easyjet or airlines from the Middle East. The price tag is set to be 15 to 20% cheaper tan the current offer. After an uphill battle won by the Pilots (with Air France conditions), the cabrin crew will get paid 40% less than Air France cabin crew.

- Feeding CDG hub thanks to JOON. Again putting the new airline where Air France is currently loosing money is a smart move. CDG is the perfect location to feed Air France flights where the new airline does not operate.

Flights are poised to take off this fall with European destinations, while long haul flights are set to take off next summer and would be operated by the new Airbus A350 with a Business, Premium Economy and Economy cabins. Airbus A340 will also be operated by the new Airline even if It's not fuel efficient. 

Wifi on-board will be free thanks to the ads.


We can also hope Joon will be sucessfull and we are looking forward to trying Joon !


Congrats Air France !


Update from Joon:

Yes! Because the flights are sold under an Air France code, they will allow Flying Blue members to earn Miles.

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