Garuda First Class for 2650€ London to Singapore

21 July 2017

Garuda First Class for 2650€ London to Singapore
Garuda started a while back their promo out of London to South East Asia.

Garuda First Class offers one of the best experience and it's in my Top 3 First Class product out there.

To book you can click on the link below:;f=LHR;t=SIN;d=2017-09-02;r=2017-09-05;sel=LHRCGK0GA87-CGKSIN1GA846,SINLHR0GA86;sc=f;eo=e

Google flight will display a wrong price. Click on expedia buttom to book it at the right price. 2380£ / 2650€ / $3100

Yes, it's a lot of money but it's the cheapest deal from London to Singapore in First Class.

For more info about the product :

You can collect 25,000 miles with Flying Blue while Delta will award you 21,000 miles.

To collect the most, you need to cedit your flights with Chinese carriers or Aeromexico where you will collect over 34,500 miles.


Enjoy Garuda !

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