QR Mistake Fare uproar !

31 July 2017

QR Mistake Fare uproar !
With the recent event, I wanted to share with you my reflection on that deal and who knows the next one...

Over the past few years, we have seen quite a few mistake fares from airlines. The last one was really a pain to see if was legit or not.


I arrived from BCN on a Sunday night in Marseille. At 2am while I was sleeping like a baby my phone rang. My wife on the other line, said with excitement in her voice that according to secretflying.com, there is an ongoing super cheap fare with QR. With one eye open when she cold, now both eyes are wide open and I'm connecting the dots (Qsuite for cheap).


The price displayed was just under $700 to JFK. My wife told me to pull the trigger for our wedding anniversary.


But, I told her no with no or little hesitation. She was shocked. Let me tell you why I turned down the deal:

  • I've been down that road. You buy the ticket, you think you made one of the biggest deal ever and then your booking is cancelled. The only thing coming to your mind is anger.
  • The $0 fare base warned me that something is going on and it's not in our advantage.
  • Too good to be true. At around and above $1000 the ticket I would have bought it. When you see a price at $530 to Italy or SA, it's really a warning unless indicated otherwise.
  • The date did not match our date entirely and coud not take the chance to book and cancel later on. 

Unfortunately QR communicated on twitter about a surprise. While it might have mislead a lot of pax, the fact that Vietnam was not mentioned gave me another warning. Again it was all speculation.


I told my wife, I'm afraid that the deal won't happen and I'm too busy dealing things at work to handle the refund and so on (using CN cc).


Few years back, the rule of a mistake fare was, do not call the airline. I strongly believe that now airlines are better equipped to monitor that kind of event:

  • They know the average tickets purchased per day with or without a sale.
  • They know the revenue per pax per ticket, the numbers did not add up.
  • R-Class Inventory on that case dried up like a snowflake in Doha.
  • Believe It or not, famous bloggers or well-known sites are now watched by airlines. In today's world, It's easy to make a buzz via twitter or FB, once it's out, it's spreading like a flu in winter.


While I would have hoped/dreamed to snag that deal for my wedding anniversary, I preferred to pass.


I'm seeing hundreds of reports from different sites that QR cancelled their tickets outright. Some said their tickets are still alive.


If I were QR, given the mess they are in with the Qatar Ban, it would have been better for them to honor the deal. After all they made a mistake. On the other hand I can't be upset against QR from a Business perspective. Why letting so many pax take our flights for that price when we can fill up (mostly) our planes with premium (price wise) pax.

We'll keep you posted if the deal is honored by QR. Keep in mind that buying a mistake fare is always a gamble.


Update :

According to flyertalk, It looks like for these cancelled tickets QR is honouring the fare. Kudos to QR ! 



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