What do I value the most in Business Class?

20 October 2017

What do I value the most in Business Class?
As passenger, what do you expect ?

Hi guys,

I've recently taken 8 long hauls with TK and MS in business. While reports are underway, let me share with you what I value the most when I fly in Business Class nowadays:

  1. Wifi = On a 12h flight, being able to stay productive is a big asset for me. It's also great to keep in touch with my family and wife even if I have now a shared excel sheet where I upload all my flights.
  2. FlatBed = On my recent 4 legs with MS on the A333 I remembered why I value a flatbed so much. The sleeping experience was altered unlike with TK with the same layout but with a real flatbed. 2018 is 2 months away, all carriers should now offer a flatbed in business class.
  3. Catering = I expect to eat something I don't eat daily.
  4. 1-2-1 layout = The new standard in the industry.
  5. IFE = When you fly a lot, its great to have choices. The best IFE in the industry is from SQ with thousand hours of contents.
  6. Crew = A FA can turnaround a bad catering or an average seat.


It goes without saying that the length of the flight matters too. The schedule of your flight is very important as well, my needs are not the same if I take off at 2am or at 1pm…


How about you, what do you value when you fly in Business Class ?

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