Hello and welcome to the final segment of this series in 2017 with a return flight purchased as a LGA-SFO one way with a change of plane at IAD.

I used a USD 100 credit that I had with UA and ended up paying about USD 60 (EUR 51.05) for the trip which was quite a bargain for a transcon. I chose this itinerary instead of a nonstop from JFK or EWR because it allowed me to change plane in IAD and that gave me the perfect opportunity to explore the TK and LH lounges. I will only report on the LGA-IAD portion since I had a window seat and was able to get some interesting aerials. At the end of this trip I will cover the TK and LH lounges @ IAD

I took the escalator one floor up to the reception area where a friendly agent welcomed me. The lounge was not particularly big but it was comfortable with lots of individual desks catering to the busy "road warrior".

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Catering was the usual salad hot soup and rolls/crackers with cheese. I did not have anything since I ate lunch and was going to save some room for the lounges at IAD.

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========== United Club ==========

Staff Service: 8/10
Entertainment: 8/10
Business Center: 8/10
Food: 7/10
Lounge Design: /10
Spa and Bathroom: /10
Wifi: /10


An average flight with minimal service as expected on U.S. domestic flights of this length. I can understand a limited beverage service, but reducing it to water only seems a bit extreme. At least there was a package of snack mix to accompany the beverage.

For this short flight I think the comfort level was fine. The ability to be able to sit by yourself in one of the single seats on the left side of the plane is a major plus.

LGA might not be the best airport in the world, but its proximity to downtown NY affords some of the best aerials for those in a window seat.


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