About us

Travelling... A DNA itself. You would not be here otherwise :-P We are all here for a reason. Nurturing our passion. This deep feeling when you are counting down the day before you take off, before you go beyond and enjoy a new landscape. We've been down that road too.

At YouTripReport we believe in challenging the rules, building outstanding itinerary for a dime, flying halfway across the globe to earn a well-deserved Status with our favorite Airline. For some, we are nuts, for others we’re addicted... Once you are hooked, you can’t stall !

Here is how we started: With a fellow colleague who happens to be a flight addict, in summer 2014 we shared our thoughts and visions, we wanted more than a niche website when you can only see a part of your travel plans.

We launched the site in March 2017 using the .Net solutions from Microsoft. The first developer decided to leave the adventure and as a result the site had to be shut for nearly a year. An old pal from Shanghai took over but faced unexpected challenges dragging the closure for months. As a result, we decided to hire Raman and Rahul, 2 smarts and talented guys from India to build a new website from the ground up.

The naming YouTripReport came straight to our mind and stood out among others. You : You are sharing an experience, you may be rewarded (miles, hotels, flights). More on that later on... Trip : A trip does not start in the plane, it starts from booking, packing your belongings, driving to the airport, in the airport, in the lounge, in the plane and obviously when you arrive at destination with your hotel, your sightseeings and whatever you want to share. Report : Words, phrases, pictures are great. But the goal is to capture your audience. Just be yourself. Now sit back, relax and enjoy the journey with us ! We're just getting started !