Terms Of Service

1. Publication

Upon publishing a report you are giving YouTripReport.com full and unlimited rights, in accordance with applicable French, European, and Worldwide law, to publish, distribute, and replicate your work on any form of media be it digital or paper. You also give YouTripReport.com your permission to use your reports for any commercial reason as well as allowing advertisements to be displayed in and around your report. YouTripReport.com reserves the right to copyrights to your reports and/or pictures. YouTripReport.com reserves the right to conduct and utilise any translation of your report. You are giving the administrators and moderators of YouTripReport.com rights to full deletion of any report which does not adhere to standards of public decency, appropriate legislation, or features perceived abusive or offensive language and ideas—administrators and moderators of YouTripReport.com reserve full rights to interpretation and judgement of the latter. You are giving YouTripReport.com the rights to store your IP address as well as any other useful information for identification purposes in order to transmit them to the appropriate legal authorities should the need arise.

2. Intellectual Property

You maintain property rights to your published photos and comments. The contents of a report are the sole property of the publishing author and YouTripReport.com has no rights to these photos and comments. Members have the right to retract their work at any time and can ask administrators to remove their contents. By publishing pictures and comments you declare that you are the owner of the published materials and that no infringement, particularly regarding intellectual property and data protection law, is made. You accept to never publish lewd, obscene, rude, libellous, offensive, threatening, paedophilic, pornographic contents and contents against public decency and legal policy. You accept never to publish copyrighted text or photographs without the author/owner’s express permission.

3. Data Storage

YouTripReport.com acts solely as a third party for data storage and cannot be held responsible for contents uploaded by members on the site. Publishing members own the intellectual property of any uploaded content and accept these conditions without reservation, limitation, or restriction. For contents stored on the website, you give YouTriReport.com the authorization to any moderation or use and you post under your entire responsibility and acknowledge it.

4. Image Rights

Members agree to respect copyright and image right laws in their report. Any legal entity, a person or designee can ask for the removal of any related image rights legislation.

5. Non Compliance of General Terms and Conditions

Administrators of YouTripReport.com reserve the right to temporarily or permanently ban members who do not adhere to the Terms and Conditions of Use present herein.