A frequent flyer by definition gives you some benefits:

- Lounges access (if you have the right level)

- Flight or Hotel Redemption

- Priority boarding

- Upgrade (depends if the airline is stingy or not and obviously for operational reasons)

In the past few years we have seen big changes from FFP across the board. Carriers have increased miles required to book an award and the trend will continue, some, also increased the threshold for status and decreased the miles for economy flights from 100% to 25% vanishing the hopes for some coach passengers. The rule is now applied to Business Class with some programs where you get nothing...

If you are a coach travelers flying the cheapest fares won?t get you anywhere with miles, but you still can get a good FFP for status by taking enough flights.

Does that mean you are stuck, not necessary, you need to see things from another perspective. When you are signing up with a FFP, you need to ask yourself :

- Do I want miles ?

- Do I want status ?

- Do I want great redemption ?

- What routes do I fly ?

- What is my booking class ?

Once you have answered these questions you will have a better picture of your needs.

We are here to help you achieve what you want? Taking your wife to a sandy beach in First Class is not a bad idea, would you agree? specially if it?s as cheap as filling up your gas tank?.

As a general comment about miles is collect and burn whenever you can. As much as we love miles, it?s a junk bond and his asset keepshrinking. We have a lot of airlines who have increased their charts with or without notice?

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