Hello and welcome to my return flight to TLS.

I was originally scheduled to fly SFO-LAX-MUC-TLS but decided to check at the UA counter if I could take a more direct routing. The agent consulted with her supervisor and they gave me the last UA SFO-FRA seat in PEY without any additional charges or fare difference. I knew that there was also a LH SFO-FRA flight but for some reason the agents did not show that as available. Oh well beggars can't be choosy. I appreciated their willingness to accommodate me and I left it at that.

I had my new boarding pass in mind and went through security in a breeze thanks for my TSA Pre Check status. I was originally assigned a middle seat so I tried to change it later at the gate.

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I had access to the AMEX Centurion and UA Club lounges but looking at the waiting list to enter I decided to move on and not waste my time. Besides I was not very hungry and the thought of being packed in a full room with other travelers turned me off.

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UA Club at the Intl side with guests waiting to be called.

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My plane at the gate.

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I checked to see if there was an aisle seat and the agent printed me a new boarding pass with seat 21B. Yes!!!

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Boarding started soon and I was greeted at the door by a friendly FA and provided with a sanitizing wipe.

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My seat.

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Pillow blanket and amenity kit already on the seat. Too bad there was no printed menu.

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Headphone in the seat pocket.

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View from my seat.

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After take off the meal service started immediately with beverages and distribution of the meal tray. Choices were chicken OR pasta. This is getting boring.

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I opted for the cheese raviolis.

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Ice cream.

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I dumped the almonds on the salad.

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After the meal service the lights were turned off to encourage people to sleep. Halfway through the flight a snack service was offered.

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Turkey or cheese mini sandwich with M&M's. Why bother? Just leave these in the galley for people to help themselves if they are hungry.

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I watched "Stillwater". Good film with an interesting plot.

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As we approached FRA the breakfast service started. We were offered a hot croissant type of sandwich but don't know if Y still got the cookies with yogurt only.

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Landing in FRA.

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We parked in a remote area and had to take the bus. Every time that I land in FRA I had to take the bus. I think it's the routine.

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========== San Francisco Intl Arpt (SFO) - ==========

Security/Immigration efficiency: 10/10
Access and parking: 9/10
Services and activities: 9/10
General cleanliness: 10/10

========== United Airlines - Airline ==========

Cabine comfort: 9/10
Crew: 9/10
Entertainment: 9/10
On-time performance: 10/10
Appetizer: 0/10
Starter: 0/10
Main Meal: 7/10
Main Meal-2: 0/10
Cheese: 0/10
Desserts: 9/10
Alcohols: 0/10
Mid-flight snack: 7/10
Breakfast or light meal before arrival: 8/10

========== Frankfurt Intl (FRA) - ==========

Security/Immigration efficiency: 2/10
Access and parking: 8/10
Services and activities: 8/10
General cleanliness: 9/10


Overall this was an average flight on UA. Nothing to be excited about but nothing too bad either. I was thankful that the UA agents were able to switch me to a more direct flight without incurring extra charges.

FRA immigration was a mess with people shouting and not enough officers to process the incoming pax. Pretty soon the lines extended all the way to the escalators and they had to move people around in order to avoid any accidents. I never thought that I would see a scene like this in a German airport. There were pax crying because they were worried that they would miss their connections. Agents handling the line had to prioritize pax with tight connections and literally were telling others to shut up. I was glad that I had a 6 hrs. layover cushion.

Eventually more officers appeared and the line moved quickly but by then there were not many pax in the queue.


  • AAFlyer

    Thanks JetSet. Not bad but not good either.

    An average UA flight. Nothing more. ;)
  • Casper

    Hola Panda,

    Quite boring but I would have taken this meal over mine on AV !

    Hola Casper,

    Your AV meal in J was a disgrace. Shameful cost cutting at its finest.
  • Thomas

    What ????????????????? You my dear friend I used to know, the one I was in the Polaris claiming I'm not hungry.
    What happened to him ???


    Thanks Adan for your report but as you said, it's boring to have this meal.

    Surprise!!! Life is full of them my friend.

    You know the drill after flying UA - chicken or pasta. :P
  • SERGE13

    French sandwiche... I adored... Thank you for this report.

    LOL. A pig with lipstick will always be a pig.

    Just give me a good quality croissant and a hot drink for breakfast. That will suffice.
  • Bibopaul

    Merci JetJet for your report. I won't try UA anytime soon.

    Foretold is forewarned. ;)
  • Emile

    I'm still wondering if W is worth the extra $$$ A good report Jetset.

    It depends. :P

    Why don't you try it to find out? ;)
  • Capoune

    Hi Adan!
    It's good that you were able to change your flight!
    Bad luck for the lounge...
    A good flight overall
    Amazing what u are telling at FRA!!!!

    Thank you for sharing with us my friend.
    Take care.

    Salut Seb,

    After you see the same food every other month the novelty wears out pretty quickly.

    I've been very lucky with this flight so no complaints.

    What I saw in FRA was hard to believe. What happened to German efficiency? I'm thinking that I must try to connect through MUC in the future.
  • Vendredi13

    Woof JetSetPanda !

    Ground staff did a great job. Not sure they could have boarded you so easily on another cie.
    Ouch the waiting list for the lounge..;))
    On board, menu is correct. At least u had metal cutlery..

    Unusual immigration mess at Fra..

    Thanks for this interesting ytr Adan. See u soon my friend !


    Yes I was fortunate to encounter such an accommodating ground crew at UA. Can't complain.

    A waiting line for a lounge should not be like a waiting line for a Disney ride. :P

    They should change the tune of chicken or pasta aboard. :)

    What is unusual is becoming the usual. I have witnessed this twice already.

    See you around.

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